Vacation's approved? Now how to arrive looking alive

Vacation's approved? Now how to arrive looking alive

Ahhh summer holidays, bronzed skin and post-beach waves. For most of us not turning left on the plane, the transit there is a little more blotchy skin and tired eyes.

Now not to brag, but I think we've kind of mastered the in-flight beauty routine and you don't have to be an expert to pull it off.


A pre-flight blowout session is a must, it's one less thing you have to think about. Try adding a little Bondi Body oil in the strands during flight to keep the hair hydrated.

Essential on board product, antibacterial wipes! If you're touching the TV monitor, putting food in your mouth and applying creams to your face you're going to want wipes.


The key to nailing here-to-there beauty is pretty freaking simple: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Cabin humidity levels are unnaturally low, from 5-10%, creating an environment with less humidity than the Sahara Desert. In order to stay hydrated the rule of thumb is one regular-sized bottle per hour in-flight, yes the thought of running to the toilet mid movie is unappealing, but so it wrinkled, dehydrated skin.

Now this is the part where I say, no coffee or alcohol, sorry. Instead opt for water and electrolyte-replenishing beverages.   


The secret to a jet lag free holiday lies in the food, or shall we say lack of.  We've followed the Argonne Anti-Jet Lag diet and swear by it.

Makeup removal


Make your in-flight time a mini spa session. First thing first:  cleansing that face, wipes are handy as you don't need to show them during security.  


Yes, we said apply a mask at 40,000 feet. There's an entire range of hydrating face masks that go on translucent. No one will ever know!! Our favourite is KIKO HYDRA PRO MASK. The take Bondi Body Oil and apply to any parts of your body that are bare. It's a perfect hydrator as it's not greasy.

Place your eye mask on and....


In an effort to ward off jet lag and arrive feeling less zombie-like, it's suggested to get as much shut-eye as possible.

Sleeping eye mask


Wakey wakey! You're rested with a another couple of hours to go and it's now time to remove the hydrating face mask. Then apply a serum or hydrating face oil. A good face oil adds more hydration, which you can kind of never get enough of.


Your finally destination almost at your destination (an hour or so away). Wipe down your face one last time to prep your skin, and apply a serum, light moisturizer, a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer of choice to create a clean, even base and a little concealer to hide any redness or under eye circles.

Add a little dab of highlighter above your lips, inner corner of your eyes and cheek bones to get that glow. Lightly bronze and finish off with mascara. You've made it!  



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